software development

Since 1994, analysis,
design, development, marketing, support
of custom software

The past and present success of Target Informatica achievements
in the various sectors of the #8217; information technology,
It is the best guarantee
for the future business of its users

Success guarantee

Target Informatica makes available to its userstwenty five-year professional experience gained in the having faced and solved all the problems related to the creation, marketing and support of information systems, with particular reference to software development in the Microsoft environment, research and integration of innovative hardware

Customized software

Shaping the ideas of its users among the services offered, the one in which the Target Informatica gives its best.
Starting from an idea, an unresolved problem, we can reach the realization and marketing of a successful software product for an entire sector.

Target Informatica, making use of the partnership with Microsoft in existence since 1997, it realizes its own software solutions using the most current development tools, in Microsoft and Android environments

Support of your solutions

Today realizing software also means guarantee an information and support service adequate after-sales service that follows the #8217 user from the first moment of the installation of the company information system.

Target Informatica organizes, manages and supplies help desk, support and remote assistance services of users of any own realization

Notable experiences

In addition to product development for healthcare S.I.Ge.S. and the ERP platform for the vending sector GD Vending Software Solution, Target Informatica has taken care of, among others, the following achievements:

  • TeleCorr, application for data collection acquired electronically from vending machines, payment systems and telemetry, for the management of the storage and electronic transmission of fees
  • GCM - Mutual Fund Management for the management of the activities of the #8217; Ente Cassa Mutua of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies
  • FLASH and FLASH UP for N&W Global Vending Spa (Evoca Group), a product for the direct management of N&W automatic food distribution machines. Flash is distributed nationally and internationally
  • LABELAB for N&W Global Vending Spa (Evoca Group), a product for printing descriptive labels for N&W automatic food dispensing machines. Labelab is distributed nationally and internationally
  • Wittenborg Configurator for N&W Global Vending Spa (Evoca Group), a product for the direct management of N&W automatic food distribution machines. Wittenborg Configurator is distributed nationally and internationally

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