additional modules for gd management of distributors

GD uses a series of additional software and hardware modules for the solution of some specific problems

Modules are available in GD Evolution

from small machines pod or capsule, to the batteries
of large vending machines of hot, cold, snacks and food,
automatic shops, coffee shops,
offering the best working conditions
for each management mode

The opening of the GD Vending Software Solutions platform to the integration with the web, cloud and mobile environment

Available only for terminals / smartphones based on Windows Mobile, Android equipped with HSDPA modems

GD WebEx allows:

  • GD WebEx through specific extensions and applications, making the GD Vending Software Solutions platform open to the integration with the web, cloud and mobile environment allows:
  • to alert via SMS and Internet the field operator directly from the management of requests on personal computers; send via SMS or internet the salient data of the intervention to be performed; make available to the operator on the portable terminal the intervention in its job queue; used together with the form GD Map, allows the detection and display on map in real time of faults signaling by distributors equipped with adequate electronic communication (telemetry systems), as well as GPS tracking of portable / smartphone terminals equipped with GD Track SW
  • In case of intervention by appointment, send reminders to the end customer via SMS and e-mail
  • by the availability of a specification web based app developed using the latest software technologies, which can be easily installed in any pre-existing company PC / server, each customer, accessing a reserved area, can directly forward requests for technical and commercial intervention and orders for the supply of products and services
  • GD WebEx allows the acquired customer to access a restricted area, see their installed situation, for each distributor, request a technical, commercial intervention, order products, and to the company, to receive customer reports, better manage the relationship with the customers, to intervene promptly in case of need, to retain the customer
  • GD WebEx is based on a web service activated on a company PC / server accessible from the internet, directly connected to GD Vending Software Solutions platform and does not require any additional provider or website accessories
  • To optimize business operations, GD WebEx realizes the distance connection of operators that act on the territory, allowing them to operate in the same way as colleagues who always return to their offices at the end of the activity
  • GD WebEx allows: coordinating the work of remote operators with a portable terminal / smartphone equipped with HSDPA connectivity; find the data collected by the operator on field without having to necessarily go back to the office

GD WebEx however, includes the functionality of the previous GD Mobile, GD Web, GD remote modules

GD WebEx it includes all the features CRMCode

GD Map is the immediacy in territory
and and management

GD Map allows to optimize the company activities by the organization of the routes of the operators on field and the reorganization by the subdivision in sectors or zones of the sites or points of sale of the customers

This possibility is offered by the use of the software Microsoft MapPoint® Fleet Edition, which allows you to manage European maps complete with street detail, checking the actual position of each installation directly on the screen

GD Map allows:

  • trace terminals equipped with GD Track SW
  • locate the installations (client sites) manually and / or automatically
  • organize and optimize supply routes and action areas
  • check the consistency between the paths created by the operators and the surveys carried out via the portable terminal
  • perform geo statistics
  • rebalancing the weight of commercial and intervention areas
  • used together with the GD WebExmodule, to detect in real time the reports of failures by distributors equipped with adequate electronics for the communication via internet

GD Track SW
Communication, security
and operational control over the territory

The application GD Track SW fully integrated in GD Vending Software Solutions by the combined use of GD Map and GD WebEx, completes the solution for operational control specifically designed for vending activities, allowing the satellite detection of the position of portable terminals / smartphones via GPS and communication with field staff

GD Track SW allows:

  • logistic optimization, allowing the verification of the consistency of the real itineraries with those expected and the consequent better management of company resources
  • GD Track SW is quality of service to customers, improving the timeliness and certainty of technical and commercial interventions, which can be managed in real time by the control unit based on the exact position of the portable terminals / smartphones
  • GD Track SW is available on Windows Mobile portable terminals and Android smartphones equipped with HSDPA communication and GPS detector
  • GD Track SW, in line with the Target Informatica software philosophy, was conceived as a flexible tool, useful for acknowledging the present and future needs of vehicle control and communication of GD Vending Software Solutions users

The Business Intelligence
for the vending company

GD BI is the Business Intelligence specifically designed for the vending company

The overall volume of data available at the internal of the vending company is often impressive, but nevertheless the mere availability of this information is not sufficient to guarantee a competitive advantage

Only with the access to hidden knowledge will it be possible to exploit the data available to have a clear picture of customers, the market and the business performance

In today's market scenarios, reactivity is required only with a timely and accurate view of how the entire company operates

To be successful, vending companies must be able to easily and quickly access information about their financial status, their customers, and the resources they use daily to realize their business

GD BI allows:

  • to monitor all the main parameters of the corporate business from the general vision of economic and financial performance, to the detailed analysis of particular dynamics
  • to arrange the trends over time of the economic and financial data of customers, sites / sales points, vending machines, products, operators
  • to highlight, through the personalized management of the values of the attention thresholds, the points to be monitored and on which to intervene, both immediately and in the future
  • by simplified aggregation, navigation and information display functions, making the business health status immediately and effectively, substantially reducing the analysis time frame, significantly increasing the responsiveness of the company management to the market variables 

The accounting link
with GD Vending Software Solutions

GD ERMChain allows:

  • to manage: financial movements (cash / banks and connections with counters), active / passive payment schedules and other administrative formalities
  • to coordinate the main economic and financial accounting movements with the open administrative procedures, or that offer them similar possibilities of connection, also aimed at management control by GD BI
  • to export the accounting records related to: active and passive invoices, fees, collections, coordinating the registries of customers and suppliers, including the account code relating to the plan of accounts adopted in the administrative procedure; used autonomously as an intermediary with the tax consultant, it allows summary printing of accounting records
  • to connect the coins counters with GD by recording the count directly in the system

Communication campaigns, tele-marketing, faxing, mailing, e-mailing, questionnaires and commercial activities

GD CRM allows to carry out Customer Relationship Management activities, contacting potential and acquired customers by the planning and execution of communication campaigns of tele-marketing, mailing, e-mailing, faxing, SMS, following the commercial evolution of each contact, up to the realization of the sale, or the transformation of the potential customer into an effective one and vice versa

Through the use of Microsoft Office (optional), all documents related to communication campaigns can be customized and edited

Specific functionalities are available for the preparation of questionnaires useful for marketing and quality control activities

The use of GD CRM is extremely simplified, fully integrated in GD Vending Software Solutions and by the use of Microsoft Office (optional) and mailing and faxing services in Microsoft Server, makes possible to plan and implement CRM activities with a very limited use of resources

The functionalities of GD CRM are available in GD shop and in the main module of GD one and GD standard

GD CRM allows:

  • to plan and carry out communication campaigns by telephone, fax, e-mail, mail, SMS
  • to recontact the customers in order to stimulate the acquisition of new orders, a particularly useful activity in the sector of small vending machines with pod or capsule
  • to follow the progress of the campaigns
  • to take note of contacts with prospects or current customers and their evolution
  • to prepare and carry out questionnaires useful for market surveys and / or customer satisfaction activities
  • to prepare commercial contracts
  • to have all the commercial information relating to customer leases on a palmtop equipped with Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • the telephone and fax communication via devices (switchboards over ip, fax card) connected to the personal computer
  • import contact data from lists available on CSV format files (also derivable from Microsoft Excel sheets)

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